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Need a Green Screen Studio Rental Room in Denver, Colorado?

The Green Room is one of the most comprehensive and soundproof Green Room Studios in Denver. This space is perfect for recording chroma key video production and producing professional videos for clients in the Denver Metro Area. The space was built originally to meet the video production vision and needs of the ownership’s company, Rocky Mountain Photography. Soon thereafter, the team realized it could be a great benefit to other videographers and marketing companies. Now, the Space’s Green Screen Studio Rental in Denver is open to the videography needs of all throughout Colorado

The ‘Green Room’ comes with many amenities such as:

  • Floor to ceiling soundproofing of audio foam & audio blankets on all walls
  • A complete chroma key green cyclorama cove easy to capture wide & multiple angles
  • A fully stocked Drink Fridge
  • Complete Green Screen Production studio with camera support
  • Bathroom Access
  • Access to lighting, stands, and a wide variety of extension cords & outlets
  • Access to a wide variety of light modifiers & diffusers
  • Access to a wide variety of stools, chairs, and seating accessories
  • Full Refrigerator and Fridge access to store perishable props, food, drink, and more
  • Easy Access Parking with nearly unlimited spaces

The Green Room has two main ways to benefit a commercial grade video production: 

First, to help our clients be able to successfully capture commercial grade soundproofed audio for their podcasts & video projects.

Second, to help our clients capture beautiful chroma key video footage for their commercials projects, customer interviews, and training videos.

Since this Denver green screen studio opened, it has been used to produce a wide variety of media. This has included professional business commercials, customer review videos, training and instructional videos, and more. We offer day rentals as well as evening rentals in the studio with appointments. The Rocky Mountain Studio’s sound stage is conveniently located in Southeast Denver. The Green Room is basically a sound stage that has been painted a full chroma key green

The complete office space comes with drive-in access for two of our outside facing video studios. Those studios are the ‘Summit Studio’ and the ‘Mile High Studio’. These spaces come with high ceilings and rafters that can easily mount light grids.

They also have large white cycloramas which are ideal for shooting music videos and having a small studio audience. These studios are better suited if you require space to set up a full control room and grip trucks for unloading.

The Green Room is the perfect studio for your rental needs with its high ceilings, soundproof walls, and chroma key cyclorama cove.