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What is Rocky Mountain Studio?

Rocky Mountain Studio (RMS) is a photography & video space that has three separate studios open for rental for the creative professionals of the Denver Metro area.  

RMS was originally built to serve the professional media needs of Rocky Mountain Photography, the parent company that runs a professional photography and video production business out of the same space. However, as all three studios aren’t always in use – it was decided to open them up for rental with other creative photography and videography projects.

 The vision is to have our space operate as a creative playground with multiple projects and ideas being created in our space each week.

What Studios do you have available?

We have three Studios available here at Rocky Mountain Studio, they are the Green Room, the Mile High Studio, and the Summit Studio.

 The Green Room was built with a focus on Video Production, quality Audio Recording, and Chroma Key work with an evenly balanced chroma key green painted across the full studio.

 The Summit Studio was built for car photography, music videos, and large projects in need of a wide white cyclorama wall at 25’.

 The Mile High Studio comes fully equipped for your photography & video needs with make up stations, a dressing room, proofing room, and a grey cyclorama as well as a white cyclorama wall.

 All three spaces are available to rent each and every day – make sure to reach out as soon you know you need the space before someone beats you to it!

What hours are you open?

Our typical hours at 8am-8pm, but we are open 24/7 following a discussion and agreement with the right renter who needs the space outside those hours.

 We are here to help you succeed with your creative vision and are willing to do whatever we can to make it happen!

Where is the Studio located?

Our Studio is located at 2305 S. Syracuse Way, Denver, CO 80231, and we have combined suites 1 and 3 together.

We are located about 8 minutes north of the Denver Tech Center, 15 minutes SE from the heart of Downtown Denver, and right next to the cross streets of Iliff & Quebec.

 Feel free to just type in ‘Rocky Mountain Studio’ or ‘Rocky Mountain Photography’ on Google Maps from your phone, tablet, or computer to find us as well!

What are your rates?

Our Green Room is our most affordable studio, currently only $75/hr while both our Summit and Mile High Studios are $125 per hour.

 If you are planning on renting a full day or multiple days we are open to discussing discounted rates that can meet your budget.

Do you have a minimum number of hours for a studio rental?

Our typical minimum studio rental is for 2 hours, however we are often willing to be more relaxed on this for first time renters and accommodate our renters’ needs on a case by case basis.


How can I book your space?

First, feel free to reach out by contacting us here, and you can tell us about your studio rental needs or schedule a time to stop by and tour the space.

 Then we can create a custom offer for you to meet your specific studio rental needs.

 If however, you’re ready to book now you can simply click HERE to schedule your appointment and studio rental in advance.

 We look forward to hosting you!

What are the measurements of the studios?

The Mile High Studio is built within a 40’x40’ industrial garage that has a two cyclorama wall areas for photography or video production measuring 27’x29’ with a 13’+ high ceiling.

The White Cyclorama area is 25’x12’ with the curve itself measuring 17’x7’.

The Green Room’s wall measurements are 14’ wide x 16’ long and has a ceiling of up to 16’ high.

And the Summit Studio is also built from a 40’x40’ industrial garage but is focused on providing a single large white cyclorama wall, measuring 24’ by 27.5’ and an over 13’ high ceiling complete with rafters that are easy to hang items from if needed.

How high are the ceilings?

Our ceilings in the Mile High Studio and the Summit Studio are over 13’ feet high and our Green Room’s ceiling is 16’ high and is well soundproofed for echo removal.

Is there enough Parking?

Yes! Our studio has plenty of parking, so much so that you and your clients will never have trouble finding space for your vehicles. With plenty of dual side street parking in front of our building and dozens of spaces behind our building along with industrial bay loading doors – you’ll have no issues parking, loading, or unloading your gear.

Are the studios sound insulated?

Our ‘Green Room’ studio is sufficiently insulated for high quality audio, however our Summit & Mile High Studios are built inside a 40’x40’ industrial garage which have not been insulated.

 There are techniques we help our rentals such as hanging audio blankets on both sides of a composition which can significantly dampen any audio loss or echo and we have produced quality videos and audio from both spaces and are confident you can meet your video and audio needs from our spaces.